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From Firelaunchers Vikram
By requesting approval here you will automatically be approved for all the products in the funnel - you ONLY need to be approved for this product to get commissions on all of them. If you have fewer than 50 JV Zoo sales AND we don't know you - you will be set to delayed commissions. We won't hold your commission for long, we'll release them within 1-3 weeks. After you have made more than a handful of sales that look good we will then automatically move you to instant commissions. If you have 50 or more sales and/or we know you, you will be set to instant commissions. Also do not apply if you intend to buy through your own link. We clearly state that is against our terms of service and will not pay the commission and will ban your account from promoting our products on PayDotCom
Additional Affiliate Information
Here is JV page link: http://firelaunchers.com/jv/ You can get all details about the product and promote stuffs too